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The insight edge

Who are we?

We are a specialist strategic consultancy focussed on generating income in Higher Education., combining commercial experience with comprehensive understanding of the Higher Education sector

What do we do?

We help Universities (at institutional or single faculty/unit level) to maximise their income generation potential, within their existing resource constraints. We help improve strategic thinking and planning, as well as business development capability and process. We help build staff capability for income generation through sector sensitive business development training. We can help make the changes organisations needs to generate more third-stream income, through a single one day tailored workshop or a longer consultancy project. We can help make changes in thinking, planning, portfolio, and process and people development

Why the blog?

I am passionate about Higher Education. I want to chronicle, understand and debate the changes facing Universities, as they respond to the current economic climate and the demands of the knowledge economy. The insightedge is one part of this.  I also want to disseminate my doctoral study which is looking at opportunity recognition and enactment in Higher Education Institutions, as well as encourage contributions from a growing network of academics and practitioners engaged in making ‘third-stream, mainstream’.

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